Presto Lifts

The advent of hydraulic equipment resulted in huge strides in safety standards and productivity for personnel in warehouses and manufacturing plants. As a result, hydraulic machinery and equipment soon became standard in these types of facilities. Although there is a wide variety of companies that produce high-quality hydraulic equipment for use in these environments, the name Presto Lifts is worthy of special consideration. With a production history that spans more than seventy years, Presto Lifts, Inc. has continually made important advances in the field of precision hydraulic equipment. Today, the company produces literally hundreds of different kinds of lifts, tilters, and tables. From scissor lift tables to hand pallet trucks, the Presto catalog1 contains a huge number of highly useful hydraulic equipment. This equipment can be found in facilities across the land. Anyone responsible for managing a plant or warehouse owes it to themselves to learn about Presto Lifts’ line of products. With that in mind, let’s explore this company’s catalog.


Stackers are used in conjunction with pallet rack systems to lift and transport heavy pallets across warehouses and similar environments. Not every stacker is suitable to every workplace, but luckily Presto Lifts has a fairly broad variety of stackers to choose from. The Presto PowerStak™ stacker comes in four different models, each of them with a 2200 lbs. weight capacity. (The Heavy-Duty PowerStak can carry up to 3000 lbs.) Additionally, the compactly built A/C Electric Stacker is especially suited for congested work environments. Presto Counterweight Stackers are intended for areas where straddle legs would interfere with proper operations. Presto Pallet Stackers are, as the name suggests, specially designed for pallet racks, and these units carry out many standard forklift tasks while avoiding the cumbersome functionality sometimes associated with that relatively large machinery. If your warehouse stores drums, you should check out Presto Lifts’ Drum Stackers.

Lift Tables

Lift tables allow the workman to adjust the height of the work surface, which decreases the incidence of back injuries and muscle strain. Presto Lifts has a number of world-class electric and manual hydraulic lift tables. Its standard scissor lifts are capable of handling loads from 2000 to 8000 pounds, depending on the specific model. Meanwhile, the company's portable scissor lifts include wheels that allow the user to easily transport materials from one area to another. The P4™ Floor Level Loader is designed to lower all the way to the floor, enabling it to receive materials directly from a pallet truck. The company's Dual Scissor Lifts and Tandem Scissor Lifts provide further options. Presto also carries several pneumatic lifts that operate without the use of electricity. 

Lifter Transporters

Presto’s lifter transporters perform a range of functions—conveying goods across warehouse floors, aiding in the transfer of materials to work tables, assisting in loading and offloading activities, and more. The company’s portable scissor lifts are included in this category; these operate either by foot pump (for the manual type) or by push buttons (for the electric type). Furthermore, the Lift Stik series of lifter transporters includes a wide array of helpful features. These mechanical devices are capable of steady, smooth, controlled stop-start movement that enables the user to position loads with precision. Lift Stik transporters have found a valued place in many types of work environments, from warehouses to server rooms.

Post Lift Tables

Post lift tables are perfect accessories for die handling and similar heavy-duty applications. Presto’s height-adjustable post lift tables are well-suited for handling and transporting these kinds of material. In the Presto Lifts catalog, these tables can be found in three distinct types: Hydraulic/Electromechanical, Mechanical, and Hydraulic Cantilever. Hydraulic/Electromechanic tables come in manual and battery-powered varieties, and boast a lifting capacity of 1000, 2000, or 3000 lbs., depending on the model; Mechanical types include a hand crank that allows exact height adjustments; and the Cantilever model includes a foot pump for raising and lowering the work surface, as well as an easy-to-use drive handle.

Container Tilters

Anyone who has worked in an environment that requires continually reaching into barrels to retrieve items will appreciate the convenience that a good container tilter can provide. Presto’s line of container tilters help boost productivity while lowering the incidence of repetitive-motion injuries. With one of these tilters, it’s easy for workers to reach for the parts and items they need without unnecessary motion. These units come in several types: stationary, floor level, portable, fixed height, and pneumatic. Depending on the specific unit purchased, a Presto container tilter can safely handle containers weighing from 1000 to 6000 lbs.

Pallet Positioners

In order to optimize warehouse production, the loading and unloading of pallets is a task that must be performed speedily and safely. To aid in this endeavor, consider purchasing some high-grade pallet positioners from Presto. The P3 All-Around Pallet Positioner has been engineered to raise and lower automatically as pallets are stacked on it; this enables personnel to handle these materials with maximal ease. The Accuload positioner comes with foot control and 21" vertical travel capability. Also, Presto’s skid positioners (manual and battery-powered versions available) are perfect for use with conveyors, print presses, or steel punch presses.

Pallet Trucks

In warehouses, the pallet truck can be found seemingly everywhere, and for good reason: These units are extremely useful for transporting materials from one area to another. Presto's pallet trucks are among the finest available anywhere today. The standard hand pallet truck (HPT) from Presto boasts a carrying capacity of 5500 lbs.; it also includes a fork tip roller system that allows the user to move in and out of pallets with no difficulty. Rol-Lift Heavy Duty and Super Duty Pallet Trucks are built with reinforced steel and extremely durable wheels. Additional options are provided by the Rol-Lift Zinc Coated and Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Trucks, which have been designed for harsh environments.

All of the above-mentioned units are currently available through Steinco. Feel free to visit the section of our website dedicated to Presto Lifts equipment. As always, you are welcome to contact Steinco with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the equipment listed on our site. We look forward to helping you make the best of Presto Lifts’ products.