5 Things to Know About Starrco Modular Offices

For many in the construction or manufacturing industries, Starrco Office Systems are the perfect solution for building reliable, cost-effective offices and break rooms in a warehouse or on a contract site. Here are five key advantages of Starrco Office Systems:

1.Easy Installation - One of the greatest advantages of these modular office spaces is that they can be constructed quickly and installed over the course of a few days. No sanding or painting is required and the modules are prepped for easy wiring installations. This allows the construction process to be completed quickly and cleanly without disrupting your normal work.

2.Total Customization - The impressive versatility offered by Starrco Office Systems means you can select the materials, colors and layouts that best suit the needs of your company. Whether you need a cafeteria or a small computer room, you can find a solution that will be the right fit.

3.Portability and Flexibility - Modular offices are easy to relocate and reuse—something that is especially valuable for those working on contract construction projects. Once your contract is completed, you can take your office when you leave. In addition, the two-piece wall studs used during construction make it easy to change your space when desired.

4.Tax Advantages - Since Starrco Office Systems are classified as “tangible property,” they provide your company with a 7-year depreciation period, giving you a higher yearly tax write-off. This further reduces your total cost in comparison to typical office construction.

5.Safety - Modular offices also improve employee safety by reducing noise and creating a clean, equipment-free environment for break rooms or office areas.