Application of Fiberglass General Fittings

Unistrut is the industry leading manufacturer for weldless, easy-to-install strut options. But did you know they also carry a full line of fiberglass framing solutions and fittings? 

Why Choose Fiberglass? 

Compared to standard metal strut and metal framing options, a fiberglass framing system offers an alternative that is resistant to corrosion. Fiberglass is a lightweight option for framing and support structures. It is resistant to sunlight, flame retardant, and easy to field drill and cut. 

Plus, fiberglass is competitively priced compared to stainless steel.

Fiberglass can operate as a solution for system support in environments where steel and other metal won’t operate effectively. 

Unistrut Fiberglass System

The Unistrut Fiberglass System includes polyester and vinyl ester channels that are manufactured from the pultrusion process and later colored gray and beige. Components are made by reinforcing the polymer resin with multiple strands of glass filament and alternating layers of glass mat and UV resistant surfacing veils. 

Fabrication of the Unistrut Fiberglass System requires cutting, drilling, and sealing. Hand held saws or circular saws can adequately cut fiberglass channels to length. Any standard twist bit and battery-operated drill can drill holes. We recommend carbide tipped drill bits. 

Finally, in order to protect drilled holes and cuts, they should be properly sealed with a clear urethane sealer. This will help protect against future migration of corrosive elements into the cut sections. 

If you are searching for an alternative to standard metal framing options, or have environmental concerns in your facility, the Fiberglass System from Unistrut can help. 

Contact Steinco Industrial to learn more about Unistrut’s Fiberglass System.