The Benefits of Conex Box Applications

As valuable as storage space is these days, many companies require much more than just shelving and metal storage cabinets. Many construction sites and other industrial companies require a versatile storage solution that also provides adequate protection for their valuable equipment. We here, at Steinco Industrial Solution believe that for a perfect combination of security and versatility, you can’t go wrong with Conex Box Applications.

Conex Box Applications are repurposed shipping containers, specially designed to address the specific needs of your company. This durable secured storage solution is perfect for protecting valuable equipment from vandalism, severe weather, and other hazards. These repurposed shipping containers are also easy to transport from one location to another, making them perfect for construction sites and other temporary industrial work sites.

Most valuable of all, however, is the impressive list of modifications that can be done with this secured storage option. From a climate-controlled interior to custom electrical work (even including explosion- and vapor-proof systems), Conex Box Applications can be modified for a wide range of industrial purposes.

In addition to the versatile security benefits of Conex Box Applications, using these modified storage units preserves valuable material resources, protecting the environment while allowing you to save money on your secured storage needs.