Benefits of a Counterweight Stacker


Are there jobs around your facility where straddle legs won’t work, like loading or unloading trucks or pulling items from racks with bottom bars?


The Presto and PowerStak Counterweight Stackers are the right tool for those and other jobs.


Like other Presto lifts and PowerStak Lifts, Counterweight Stackers are an ideal solution for your business.


Counterweight Stackers are designed with a unique “stacking ballast” design that can be configured for loads between 200-1,000 lbs.


They come equipped with adjustable, steel forks and a 15-inch load center, plus utilize heavy duty 12V batteries (with built-in chargers or quick-connect batteries). And with lift heights up to 74 inches, the Presto and PowerStak Counterweight Stackers can perform in areas where other lifts cannot.


Coupled with a 5-inch per second lift speed, Counterweight Stackers are the perfect blend of power and speed so you can load or unload a truck in the most efficient way possible.


Counterweight Stackers are not for use with pallets though, or any loads greater than 30 inches in depth.


Check out the Steinco Industrial Solutions products page for additional specifications on counterweight stackers and how they can help stacking at your job site or facility.