The Benefits of a Floor Level Lift

Do you have pallets that need to be safely lifted or tilted during your daily work routine? Then you may need to check out the Floor Level Lift from Presto Lifts. This product line from Steinco Industrial Solutions is designed to be fed by a handheld pallet truck. Our Floor Level Lifts are “pan” style tilters that are able to accommodate any style of container or wire basket, especially those with closed bottoms or reinforcing bars.

Presto’s Floor Level Lifts come in two styles — a tilt-only lift or a lift and tilt design. These lifts range with a 2,000 to 6,000 lbs. lift capacity all the way up to a 45-degree tilt angle. Certain floor lifts can tilt to an 89-degree angle. Each Floor Level Lift comes with a hand control (or optional foot controls) with a magnetic back and a 6-inch safety toe guard. Different lift models range in their size (between 55 to 74 inches) in width and length. It is powered by an internal or external 1 HP 115/1/60 power unit.

And, as with many Steinco Industrial Solutions products, there are custom designs available. If you are in search of a pallet lifter and you use handheld pallet trucks in your facility, the Floor Level Lift by Presto Lifts is the tool you need in order to safely lift, tilt, or hold in place your pallets. Contact us today at Steinco Industrial Solutions in order to see if the Floor Level Lift is the piece of equipment you need to make the job site safer for your employees.