A Case for Modular Construction

A prefabricated wall being lowered into place by a crane.

Is it possible to cut the costs of home and commercial building construction while maintaining the quality of the materials and the building itself? Engineers have designed just the system. Modular construction or prefab construction is done by preassembling the entire building in a manufacturing plant and delivering it to the customer as a complete product (or complete simple-to-install modular sections). So, what are the benefits of modular construction? Here are just a few of the advantages to this unique type of building assembly.


If you need a building fast, there’s no better solution than modular building construction. The customer can work with the contractor to settle designs up to 50% percent faster and contact-to-occupancy can be as much as 60% less than conventional site constructions. A modular building will fit almost any deadline because the entire building is constructed indoors — that means no fear of delays from bad weather conditions. Not only that, the foundation at the site can be prepared at the same time as the building.


Modular buildings are constructed using the same materials as any modern building. After all, like any building, they must stand up to building code. Quality control is built into every step of a modular building. This means you get the same quality with a modular building as you would get with a regular one in almost half the time. Modular buildings are usually indistinguishable from any other type of building.

Saving the Customer’s Budget

Off-site construction of the building maximizes labor efforts and quality without wasted materials and time. Unlike other building construction projects, most modular construction companies will allow the customer to lease, lease-to-own, or outright buy their building. Modular buildings can be temporary (or portable) buildings as well as permanent properties and can be used in almost any type of industry, from retail and commercial to industrial.

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