Design Benefits and Features of an Equipto V-Grip Shelving System

When it comes to storing important equipment, tools and other products; quality shelving is an essential component that ensures that your materials are stored effectively and securely. This is especially true for industrial companies that have heavy-duty equipment storage needs. For your industrial storage, Equipto V-Grip Shelving is a top-notch option that can’t be beat. Here’s why.

The advantages of Equipto V-Grip Shelving start with its strong design. The unique triangular design of the shelves’ upright posts maximizes their load-bearing abilities, while the wide range of shelf options can meet the needs of any industry. Shelves are available in heavy-duty steel, integrated wire and particleboard to match different storage needs. You also won’t need to worry about whether or not shelves are strong enough to safely store your equipment, as bulk racks have a capacity of up to 3400 pounds.

Additional options allow users to further maximize their storage space with Equipto V-Grip Shelving. For example; modular doors can hold up to 400 pounds of small parts and adjustable height dividers can be used to create additional storage bins, allowing you to be better organized. The unique V-Grip design also eliminates wasted aisle and overhead space for more effective storage.

Versatile storage options and a sturdy heavy-duty design make Equipto V-Grip Shelving the best solution to store your equipment. Start getting organized today, and see how this useful tool can improve your work.