Do you need a Mezzanine?

Most factories and warehouses suffer from a common problem: space; or more specifically, lack of it. Time and time again, the common solution is to build adjacent/surrounding/auxiliary structures for offices, control rooms, and storage for inventory and parts. While doable, this solution may prove to be too impractical or expensive. We at Steinco Industrial Solutions have a better idea: maximize the floor space of your factory or warehouse by using mezzanines! These structures save you money by effectively giving you double or triple the space that you already have: since these structures are suspended vertically, there will be ample space below the mezzanine for your extra inventory or stocks. Furthermore, they are a cheaper solution than constructing additions to your site.

Ebtech Industrial Building Solutions offers a host of modular mezzanines that are OSHA, BOCA, and IBC compliant. Their mezzanines’ unique structural steel designs are strong, stable, and safe for any application. They retain their maximum capacity and flexibility, and can be easily customized and reconfigured to suit your business’ ever-changing needs. Other applications for mezzanines include observation decks, catwalks, archive storage, conveyor platforms, equipment platforms, and work platforms. In short, they offer a versatile, easy, and cost-effective interior solution to your space problem.

Find out more about Ebtech mezzanines, and check out their complete line of products. If you have any questions, about any of the other products that we carry, feel free to contact us. We are committed to providing you with solutions to any and all of your industrial product and metal framing supply needs.