Feature: Exterior Buildings and Shelters

If you are searching for an exterior building or shelter, Steinco Industrial’s EBTECH Buildings have what you need. 

EBTECH’s Exterior Buildings and Shelters come factory built or are shipped ready to install. When we deliver a building or shelter, it will come fully assembled and ready to install on any pad you have ready for it!

Our buildings and shelter are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions in order to keep your employees and operations safe from the elements.

These buildings are steel-coated with an epoxy primer to protect them from rusting, plus an acrylic topcoat. 

Each shelter also comes with a 10-year rubber membrane laminated roof panel, extruded aluminum window frames that are pre-caulked and finished, plus quarter-inch tempered safety glass. Self-contained extruded aluminum gutters come standard on every building, along with column base plates that are pre-punched to allow for easy installation. 

EBTECH Buildings come in several standard widths, heights, and lengths so they can also be sized for your exact requirements.

Plus, with a 10-year warranty, each shelter is guaranteed to last as a temporary or permanent building to protect your business operations. 

The next time you need a quality, cost-effective, durable shelter for a project look no further than an EBTECH Exterior Building from Steinco Industrial Solutions.