Feature: Flex Wrap

Water… as life giving as it is, it can be a construction engineer’s worst enemy. It can find any weakness, crack or crevice and turn a molehill into a mountain fast. Flex-Wrap, by Flex-Strut, is an excellent way to prevent and combat this problem.

Flex-Wrap is a laminate substrate designed for any flashing penetration application. It’s unique in that it’s a conformable laminate, designed to shape and stretch around any window, door, wall or metal framing. This industrial strength product will flex with curves and irregular shaped objects without having to cut and create another seam for water penetration.

Flex-Wrap is made of butyl-rubber adhesive, which gives the material elasticity and provides an air tight envelope for the structure. 

Because butyl does not have solvents in it, it doesn’t “cure” or dry out. It stays flexible around your windows, doors and walls and slowly “flows” into the cracks and crevices of any opening. By design, the adhesive bond becomes more aggressive over time, creating a superior water resistant bond.

Another plus with butyl is that because it doesn’t cure, it can be removed and repositioned when first installed. With dual-release paper, an installer can remove one part of the release paper to position it in place and then remove the second layer to firmly hold it in place.

Flex-Wrap is green and forgiving. If you drive a nail through it, Flex-Wrap will seal around the nail producing a water-resistant barrier. It contains no halogens or solvents, making it suitable for green energy projects.

If its moisture problems down the road you’re trying to avoid, give Flex-Wrap a try. We think you’ll be pleased with how well it performs.