Feature: Lift Stik Narrow Mast Lifter/Transporter

Sometimes a heavy-duty lifter would be the perfect solution in locations and work sites other than a manufacturing or distribution site.


Have you ever been at an office where a heavy load was in need of lifting or moving?


The Lift Stik Narrow Mast Lifter/Transporter by Presto Lifts is the solution to this problem.


Built with versatility in mind, the Lift Stik series of lifters were made for office spaces, supply rooms, stock rooms, computer and server rooms, laboratories, light industrial settings, and more where a heavy-duty lift won’t fit the space. It utilizes either forks or a platform, reaches heights of up to 65 inches, and is itself lightweight.


The Lift Stik Narrow Mast Lifter/Transporter has a sleek, user-friendly mast design that utilizes a continuous lifting chain that provides smooth stops and starts.


These lifter/transporters allow for precise load positions, zero drift, and is mechanical, not hydraulic (the Lift Stik series uses a 24 VDC battery, with 115 Volt charger) so it won’t leak hydraulic fluid.


With capacities ranging from 185-440 lbs., the Lift Stik Narrow Mast Lifter/Transporter can perform tasks in any setting with safety, power, precision, and in a timely manner.


Visit the products page on the Steinco Industrial Solutions website for more information about the Lift Stik Narrow Mast Lifter/Transporter.