Feature: Modular Clean Rooms

Did you know that Steinco Industrial Solutions doesn’t just manufacture quality industrial products, but also solutions for industries that handle sensitive materials on a daily basis? 

Starrco Office Systems; from Steinco Industrial Solutions, also produce modular clean room systems for companies that are sensitive to the presence of contaminants or other environmental factors. 

Even in very tiny, microscopic amounts of contaminants can greatly affect the efficiency of how food or drug companies do business. Clean Rooms can help by providing a decontamination space where food products or medicines are not adversely affected. Even the semi-conductor uses clean rooms to ensure the safety of their employees. 

Starrco Modular Clean Rooms are the leader in manufacturing cost-effective, dependable clean room wall systems. 

With Starrco, clean rooms can be pre-engineered and easily installed on-site or they can be customized specifically for your needs and applications. All components are pre-cut and finished to also minimize on-site installation and disruption to your daily activities.

Our clean room systems — including a floor, walls, ceiling, and mechanical components — perfectly interface with each other to provide you with any clean room system you need. 

So, if you need a space that is a sound or equipment enclosure, or a contaminant-free environment, look no further than Starrco Clean Room Systems!