Feature: Prime Angle Accessories

Here at Steinco Industrial Solutions, Inc., we understand that many industrial products need some added accessories to achieve the level of functionality that you need. By offering several Prime Angle Accessories to go with your projects, we can ensure that you’ll get high-level usage for everything from Metal Framing Projects to Modular Workstations.

Among the Prime Angle Accessories, we offer are rigid and swivel casters. These wheels are the perfect addition to a Technical Workstation or Modular Cabinet. With the weight capacity to handle heavy loads and the durability to withstand almost any environment, these industrial products make it easy to transport needed materials or work stations.

In addition to casters, we also offer many metal framing Prime Angle Accessories, such as slotted straps, gusset plates, and serrated nuts and bolts. These parts work in conjunction with standard strut and framing products to ensure that we can meet the needs of any custom project you might have in mind.

With the use of Prime Angle Accessories, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a long-lasting product that is perfectly matched to your unique industrial needs.