Feature: Unistrut Fiberglass Framing

Certain applications or environments are not ideal for the metal strut and metal framing systems. Unistrut Metal Framing has a fiberglass framing system that’s a suitable alternative to metal strut. 

If you are a chemical plant, refinery, desalination facility, wastewater treatment plant, or other similar operation then fiberglass framing systems can provide an alternative. 

Unistrut’s Fiberglass Framing System includes a variety of channels, general fittings, nuts, hardware, and clamps to allow for easy installation to support your systems. 

Fiberglass channels come in multiple lengths, heavy duty or light duty option, and solid or slotted designs. Back to back channels are also available in fiberglass. 

A variety of general fittings you are used to using for metal strut installation are also available in fiberglass. Unistrut has reinforced post settings, U-shaped, Z-shaped, and 4-hole flat plate fittings to name a few. 

If you are running pipe, conduit, or hanging other systems Unistrut’s fiberglass framing system includes all of the pieces needed to provide adequate support for whatever you require. Unistrut has rigid pipe clamps, pipe straps, clevis hangers, and polyurethane adjustable pipe clamps.

Several kinds of nuts, closure strips, and other hardware are also available for your fiberglass framing system. 

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