Feature: WireCrafters Hold Cells

WireCrafters Products by Steinco Industrial feature a variety of secured storage, wire partitions and cage options. But did you know we also manufacture holding cells that can be used to house prisoners? With the WireCrafters Style 840 partition system you can develop a customizable holding cell space that is secure, yet remains open. The WireCrafters system is used in detention centers across the United States. It can be configured to fit to your specific needs and size using standard parts.

Our unique design prevents access to hardware or other nearby items from the secured (prisoner) side of the system. The open design of the WireCrafters Style 840 system also allows for the free circulation of light, HVAC, and fire suppression that already exists in your facility. WireCrafters holding cells are designed to be installed quickly using standard hand tools. Our system utilizes heavy 3/8” assembly hardware and our 3/8” mounting hardware is the heaviest in the industry. The assembly hardware is completely inaccessible from the secured side.

Our holding cells come in 20 different standard sizes ranging from 4-5 feet tall and 1-10 feet wide. Panels can be stacked to fit your facility and can work into your ceiling and walls. And hinged, double-hinged, sliding or vertical rise gates are available with your holding cells. Heavy-duty systems, plus custom sized panels including special heights, are available should your specific security requirements demand it. If you are in search of a solution for safely detaining prisoners, contact us today to begin working on a custom metal holding cell system.