Featured: Post Lift Tables

Back injuries account for one in five injuries in the workplace. Proper lifting can help alleviate some of these injuries but a better solution is to let something else do the heavy lifting for you! Lift tables from Presto can take the stress out of lifting at your workplace.

Lift tables are an ergonomic lifting device that can be used to raise, lower or tilt your workload. These hydraulic machines increase the overall efficiency of a warehouse by alleviating the stress and mechanics of moving heavy objects. They are workhorses of consistency, stability and durability.

 They are frequently used in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centers to aid in inspections, quality control, repair, offloading conveyors, and meshing different levels or conveyors.

Industrial strength, these Presto Lift Tables are made of steel and come with wheel locks and swivel coasters for safer handling. Raised height can adapt up to 60 inches and load capacity is 2000 lbs. These tables are foot operated for further safety and ease of use.

At Steinco Industries, we have access to over 500 Presto Lifts, Tables and Tilters. All models are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality.

Since employees are the number one asset at any workplace, it makes sense to take care of them. Presto lift tables will reduce heavy lifting, save hours of labor and increase productivity. Let us help you choose the perfect model!