How to Avoid Off-Brand Unistrut Products

Metal struts

Here at SteinCo Industrial Solutions, we take pride in offering the finest Unistrut products on the market and tailor them to suit your current construction projects. With the sturdy and customizable parts from Unistrut, we can build almost anything. Unfortunately, if you go shopping at other stores and retailers, you may come across pieces and parts that say they’re Unistrut. But you may notice something a bit off about them, such as irregular shapes or shapes of variable thickness. Here’s how you can spot Unistrut fakes and build with only the best materials.

Fantastically Low Pricing

Don’t get us wrong, everybody loves getting a deal, especially when projects are on a tight budget. But if you see “Unistrut” parts that are dramatically less expensive than normal, be skeptical. Many times, we’ve found sellers online either knowingly or unknowingly selling parts off as Unistrut when they have vastly different measurements. When your project depends on having the perfect parts, only purchase parts from reputable Unistrut dealers like SteinCo Industrial Solutions.

How to Tell Unistrut from Other Parts

Whenever you order Unistrut parts, you’ll notice these three things stamped somewhere on the piece that will identify it as genuine:

  1. A unique serial number
  2. The word “Unistrut”
  3. The corresponding part number

This is how you can tell true Unistrut parts apart from competitor look-alikes. The finish, shape, and dimensions of the parts may look similar, but when measured with gauges and unmarked with the proper markings, it’s often easy enough to tell the difference. Some parts may not even match ASTM requirements for weight tolerances.

The quality of your work and your materials are vital to your projects. Don’t let cheap parts ruin your reputation! Order Unistrut parts from SteinCo Industrial Solutions today, and you won’t be sorry tomorrow. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help finding a specific part.