The Importance of Machine Guarding

Moving machine parts can create a safety hazard at any workplace. The best way to protect your employees is with a WireCrafters Machine Guards.

WireCrafters offers modular steel machine guard systems that are used in the commercial and industrial world for safety, security and separation. Their welded or woven panels allow you to create a custom partition to fit your needs.

A fixed guard is one of the most common partitions because of its simplicity and effectiveness. This partition is attached permanently to the equipment and usually protects employees from power transmission units or extremely dangerous equipment such as band saws.

Interlocking guards are designed to be removed or to allow access to the hazard zones as needed. Here is where WireCrafters excels in flexibility. Their interlocking panels allow you to stack them to almost any height or length. They offer a variety of doors including sliding or hinge.

These partitions can also be used to configure freestanding multi-use storage cages and enclosures. The powerful wire mesh will keep your employees safe and are designed to withstand impact. All panels meet ANSI/RIA and OSHA requirements.

When your goal is to keep your employees safe and intact, take a look at WireCrafters Machine Guard Systems. Our experienced Steinco Engineering Department can help you design and build a system that will keep your operation up and running safely.