Learn More About the Flat-Pak Collapsible Buildings

Regardless of the job, sometimes you need a quick, easy, and portable way to house yourself and others. That’s where a collapsible building could come in handy on the job site, in an emergency situation, or other instances where a modular building would be a perfect solution. Ebtech Industrial Building Solutions Brand’s Flat-Pak Collapsible Buildings are the answer to the problem.

These unique modular buildings can be rapidly deployed, are reusable, and collapse for easy storage and transport to any location. Due to their design, these buildings are useful for applications beyond low cost or temporary housing. Flat-Pak Collapsible Buildings make perfect housing options during emergency situations, as barracks, for construction sites and any site where permanent portable housing is required.

When collapsed and in their flat state, Flat-Pak Buildings are designed to be hauled in large numbers, such as on a flat-bed truck or by rail or ship. They are designed to be transported or stored in order to maximize space and reducing storage costs. And once transported to the site, they can be quickly erected in a short time.

For more information on the Flat-Pak Collapsible Buildings, visit the products page on the Steinco Industrial Solution’s website, a global leader in industrial products. Ebtech is an exclusive U.S. provider of the Flat-Pak technology to clients.