Learn More About Presto Post Lift Tables

Does your facility need quality transporters or work positioners? If it does, then Presto Post Lift Tables are what you need to ensure that work performed by your employees is safe and efficient. 

Presto has several Post Lift Table options available for you.

There are hydraulic cantilever, mechanical, hydraulic/electromechanical and fully powered stackers made available by Presto to help employees perform a variety of tasks. 

Our Hydraulic Cantilever Lift Tables utilize an easy-to-use foot pump that raises the table up to five feet high. Its ergonomic design makes this lift table comfortable to use and extremely maneuverable. 

The Mechanical Post Lift Table is ideal for die handling and features a mechanical hand crank, which allows for precise height adjustment for the table. 

Hydraulic or Electromechanical Lift Tables have the ability to be raised by either a manual foot pump or an electric lift. These tables allow for smooth lifting and lowering via a central lifting cylinder. 

Finally, our Fully Powered Stackers feature the ultimate design for “walkie” stacker units. Presto PowerStak Units include ergonomic controls with lift and drive at the touch of a button and an adjustable fork for larger loads. 

Steinco Industrial has a variety of Presto Lift Tables just for you.

Check out Presto Lift Tables today to see how they can help make your business safer and more efficient.