Learn More About the Uses of Struts & Fittings

The Unistrut Metal Framing System has been used in the industrial sector for generations. These planks, struts, fittings, channels, and other products have several uses in multiple environments. 

Unistrut Products

The Unistrut product line includes the metal framing system, the Telestrut Telescoping Strut System, the United Interlock Grating System, and the Roofwalks Rooftop Walkway System. Each product line features unique features to enhance any industrial facility but includes the same easy-to-install de-sign of Unistrut Products. 

Metal Framing and Support

The Unistrut Metal Framing Products provide support for multiple systems such as switch boxes, pipes, HVAC, and much more. These products are composed of channels, bolts, and spring nuts and require no welding or drilling. An entire system can be held in place with a wrench. 

The Telestrut Telescoping Strut System allows assemblers to put together several support structures. The system is composed of three-sided infinitely adjustable channels and four-sided incrementally adjustable tubing. The system is secured with rivets, bolts, nuts, gravity pins, and other similar items. It can support racks, shelves, signs, and other features. 

Planks and Rooftop Walkways

The United Interlock Plank Grating System is a durable, lightweight option for providing safe walking spaces for workers throughout an industrial setting. This system can be laid along multiple surfaces and comes in slotted-smooth, smooth, and anti-skid surface planks. 

The Roofwalks Rooftop Walkway System gives workers and technicians access to areas across the roof. This system is assembled from durable planks that can be fitted to any roof, including standing seam roofs. The rooftop walkway is a great way to provide walking space on a roof while preventing slips or accidental damage. 

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