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Does your facility — whether it’s a factory, office area, or some other type of work space — need organization and an optimized flow? Then Steinco Industrial Solutions has a product line for whatever your needs may be! With the cost of industrial work spaces growing, we have a full line of Equipto Storage Solutions to help optimize your environment with industrial cabinets and shelves. Equipto products are durable, safe and secure, and can provide a mobile option for your work area. Equipto shelving and cabinet drawers are rated to hold up to 400 lbs. of products (per shelf or drawer). These storage cabinets are good for IT needs, automotive products, office items, and countless other environments.

Equipto also produces free-standing and wall-mounted workbenches that come in multiple surfaces, such as stainless steel. And finally, Equipto’s Mobile Aisle Storage System allows facility managers to properly store and manage their company’s storage needs. The mobile system lets managers gain quick and easy access to stored products, along with the ability to adapt to changing storage policies and needs. Unistrut metal framing systems also provide a weldless, easily adjustable metal framing unit that stands the test of time. No welding or drilling equipment is needed to secure Unistrut materials, making it a highly favorable and desired framing system for companies across the country.

With Unistrut metal framing systems, companies can apply this support system to a wide range of applications such as to support switch boxes, HVAC, pipework and much more. Using simply bolts, channels, and spring nuts, Unistrut systems can secure whatever you need to be secured. Contact us today to see how we can help you find the solutions you need to optimize your work area!