Maximize Your Space with Shelving and Racks

Do you need help maximizing the space throughout your workplace or home? Equipto racks and shelvings are the perfect storage solution to help you create a more efficient workspace. 

The Advantages of Equipto Products

With Equipto’s shelving and rack options, you can organize important documents or files, products, supplies, and much more. You can even increase your space utilization with Equipto’s durable storage options. 

Equipto’s shelving and racks feature their exclusive V-Grip triangular design which helps increase the load-bearing capabilities of your shelves or racks without extra holes or hardware. Plus, with the versatile V-Grip Shelving design you can have the option to incorporate several different styles of racks or drawers on the same post. 

The Equipto V-Grip Shelving System also features the easiest, most efficient fastening principle ever designed. Extruded studs on shelves easily drop into the tapered slots on the uprights. With this design, you get superior strength, rigidity, and the ability to customize your storage option as you need. 

V-Grip Shelves can also be configured with drawers to provide a storage solution for small and bulk items. Drawers can include divider sets and have up to 400 lbs. of storage capacity. 

Equipto Can Be Used Anywhere

Equipto Products are utilized in manufacturing, automotive, retail, educational, and several other fields. Law enforcement can organize evidence and pharmacies can utilize Equipto storage options for their supplies. 

Bin units, wire shelving, shelving carts, bulk racks, wire racks, tire racks, Zip-In shelving, and the V-Grip VersaRack are a few of the countless other storage options available from Equipto. Many of these options utilize the V-Grip design and provide durable, efficient storage options for any industry or location. 

If you are searching for a better storage option, contact Steinco Industrial Solutions today to see how Equipto Products can help you get organized.