Presto Lift Transporters

While human beings have limits on what they can lift and transport, Presto Lift Transporters are almost limitless in what they can hoist and move at your workplace. From stockrooms and offices to areas with heavy equipment, these transporters can make your workplace safer and more efficient.

For your heaviest loads, Presto offers the PowerStak. This industrial grade lift will handle up to 3,000 pounds and can service racks up to 10 feet high. Dual left/right handles and turtle speed control allow operators to function in tight spaces.

The PowerStak Counterweight Series operate low to the ground in places where straddle legs could get in the way. They work with any type of pallet or skid.

Series Battery Stackers are smaller and offer more maneuverable and have a wide range of applications in the workplace. A heavy duty 12-volt battery facilitates a lifting speed of 5 inches per second and a metal screen prevents contact between the machine and operator. A built-in charger and LED display screen allow the operator to keep tabs on the battery life. These units are best suited to small open bottom pallets or skids.

Smaller manual and foot operated transporters can function in tighter spaces and most of these models fit easily through a standard doorway.

Whether it’s a battery or motor driven, small or large, foot or manual operated transporter you’re looking for, Steinco Industrial Solutions has you covered.