Presto Lifts: What We Have to Offer

Presto Lifts has a full slate of industrial products aimed at creating a safer, more efficient workplace. Since 1944, Presto Lifts has manufactured quality hydraulic and manually propelled lifts and stackers for employees to get their job done. Whether your employees need to move large, awkwardly shaped boxes or load pallets, Presto has the equipment to make the job easier. 

Drum Stackers from Presto

Presto Stackers have the ability to lift and hold several different objects into places, such as boxes, pallets, and even drums. Drum Stackers from Presto are a great option for any workplace that handles drums, which can be difficult and potentially hazardous. 

Pneumatic or Hydraulic Lift Tables

Lift Tables are an ideal piece of equipment for companies that lift heavy loads and need to hold them in place for loading or offloading product. Presto has several pneumatic or hydraulic lift tables that can safely lift, tilt, and hold boxes or other items in place. 

Lifts and Stackers available from Presto

Lifts and stackers from Presto are ergonomic, safe, and help increase productivity at your workplace. Each lift or stacker has a variety of options to help your employees and comes in several sizes, depending on your needs. Presto Lifts and Stackers are also available as hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, battery, or hand operated models. 

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