Recommended Methods to Use Strut

A metal strut is an extremely versatile and useful construction tool. With a wide variety of applications, ranging from adjustable material stands to walkways and solar panel supports, struts can prove to be quite useful for your construction needs. However, it is essential that you use these important tools properly.

Any time you use a metal strut, be sure that the bolts have been properly tightened after being placed in the channel. Without a secure connection, your project will be unstable and potentially unsafe.

Of course, there’s more to metal framing than ensuring that the nut is securely fastened to the channel. Pipes or tubes should be properly clamped to ensure their proper function, and anchors should be suitable for the wall or ceiling material to keep the metal framing firmly held in place. Additional bracing is sometimes necessary for projects that have heavier load requirements, which may also create the need for a larger channel.

Steinco Industrial Solutions offers a wide range of strut options to perfectly fit the needs of your project, be it a floor-mounted stand, overhead support, or wall mount. Always be sure to select a metal strut that has the load capacity for its desired use and take the time to perform a proper installation. That way, you’ll be able to get quality results from your metal strut.