Steps to Staying Safe in any Industrial Space

Worker wearing safety gear while grinding metal. Sparks fly.

If there’s one thing we at SteinCo Industrial Solutions wish for anyone who works in a busy, industrial space, it’s that they return home safe after a hard day’s work. Despite all the warning signs (both literal and figurative), safety is too frequently disregarded due to pressing deadlines, lack of management focus, or trying to cut corners in any attempt to save money. Make safety a priority for you, your employees, and your business, and you’ll not stay under regulations, you’ll protect the health of everyone you work with.

A Standardized Safety Plan

When it comes to safety rules, OSHA is the regulating body in the United States. They have 16 plans and procedures for general industry practices and 10 for the construction industry. These include:

  • A written hazard communication plan for facilities that utilize hazardous chemicals
  • An emergency action and fire prevention plan
  • Respiratory protection plan for workplaces that require respirators and breathing equipment
  • Hazardous energy control program to prevent injuries during equipment service and maintenance

Organizing a standardized and reportable safety plan for your facility is not only recommended by OSHA, it will prevent downtime by workers who might become injured otherwise (as well as the worker’s compensation that would follow), increase worker productivity, and enhance workplace security.

Guardrails and Fencing

If your facility or warehouse has a lot of narrow catwalks and steps, you’ll need reliable guard rails that can keep your employees secure in high places or from high-traffic equipment areas. SteinCo offers hand rails and guard rails from Wirecrafters just for this purpose. We also offer Wirecrafters partitions, secured storage, and even lift enclosures to help keep vital equipment and inventory protected from theft as well as guard employees from injury.

Combat Complacency

It’s an unfortunate fact that as people perform repetitive tasks again and again, it becomes easy to lose focus and become complacent. This can lead to accidents, especially if heavy equipment like forklifts are included. Worse, management can accidentally encourage bad behavior by focusing on productivity and results above safety. Don’t let the phrase “safety first” become meaningless. Employees and management both should review and re-review safety procedures often to keep this important priority number one.

The world-class products and services at SteinCo Industrial Solutions are here to help ensure your workplace stays productive, organized, and, most importantly, safe! Contact us today at (419) 606-8512 for more information on how we can serve you.