Storage Lockers for Residential Use

Secured storage options from WireCrafters are not meant simply for the office or shop. You can also outfit your home with residential tenant lockers from WireCrafters. 

What Can a Storage Locker Do for You

The RapidWire line of storage lockers from WireCrafters are an ideal solution for secured, organized storage. The welded mesh locker construction provides a durable storage option that also allows you to see your belongings.

With residential storage lockers, you can create a customized storage option made just for you. Whether you live in a multi-family building with a common storage area, or need to organize your garage WireCrafters lockers can reduce clutter and protect your valuables. 

Features of Storage Lockers

The welded mesh design allows for field modifications and easy customization wherever you want to install these storage lockers, which come in either a single or double tier option. There are only two sections per locker — a wall panel and door panel. Plus, lockers can be used individually or in a group. 

Whatever you may need, WireCrafters offers a free layout service sketch for the room when you decide on the number of lockers you want. Erection drawings are provided with your order. 

Pad lock lugs and door strikes come standard and a three-point lock or recessed key lock are available. All materials are industrial grade to give you a durable, safe storage solution. 

For more information on WireCrafters Residential Storage Lockers, contact Steinco Industrial Solutions.