Unistrut: Fiber Glass Framing System

When it comes to metal framing industrial products, Unistrut from Steinco Industrial Solutions is a leader in the hardware industry when it comes to metal strut and framing. 

Besides making high-quality metal framing, Unistrut also manufactures a variety of fiberglass framing systems as well in order to help you perform numerous tasks around your facility. 

For starters, Unistrut carries multiple general fittings made of fiberglass used to hold and secure your framing systems together or several heavy and light duty channel options. 

Unistrut also offers several pipe and beam clamp options, nuts, hardware, and closure strips.

Running metal strut throughout your facility is only half of the battle; you also need the ability to clamp, secure, and hold your infrastructure in place. 

Unistrut manufactures end caps, channel capping strips, washers, channel nuts, and several other fiberglass components to finish the job the right way. With our rigid pipe clamps, pipe straps, adjustable pipe clamps, and clevis hangers you can also feel secure when running pipes throughout your building. 

And by utilizing fiberglass instead of other traditional metals, you can rest assured that these Unistrut options will be durable and won’t deteriorate over time like other strut options are prone to do. 

If you are in search of quality, affordable framing solutions, check out our full list of Unistrut Metal Framing components available from Steinco Industrial Solutions. We have the pieces you need to provide a sense of security and durability for your framing system.