What are the benefits of Grating Stair Treads?

I bet you didn’t know that stairs are the place where most deaths and injuries occur in the home! They can be dangerous in the workplace as well, especially if they are a place for workplace clutter to collect, have inadequate handrails or are made of slippery surfaces. Wood and concrete steps are especially hazardous when wet. One solution to this problem is Grating Stair Treads by Unistrut.

These anti-skid stair treads are completely galvanized, making them an ideal material for outdoors or industrial settings. Their slotted structure makes them virtually maintenance free, rust-resistant and self-cleaning. And they meet all OSHA regulations.

At Steinco Industrial Solutions, we carry 24, 36 and 38 inch widths but we can customize them to meet your specific needs.

Unistrut Stair Treads are lightweight and easy to handle and are often a fraction of the cost of other commonly used material. Long lasting and easy to install, these stair treads make an excellent choice for your workplace. Stair treads can be used with Unistrut metal framing to easily create a staircase with guide rail.

Don’t waste precious time and energy sourcing stair treads or designing and building your own for your next project. At Steinco, you can purchase finished stair tread assemblies or work with our experts to create custom treads that will make your workplace environment a safer and easier place to navigate.