What are Cleanrooms by Ebtech?

At Steinco Industrial Solutions, we strive to offer the secured storage solutions your company needs to protect your products and equipment, especially during the manufacturing process. Of course, theft and accidental damage are far from the only threat your valuable products and materials could face. For many companies, maintaining a clean, sanitary environment is essential. And this is where Cleanroom Systems from Ebtech come in.

Ebtech Cleanroom Systems offer the same modular panel design of other Ebtech Systems, but with an added emphasis on maintaining environmental control. Cleanroom panels utilize aluminum framing and polyurethane enamel to create an airtight seal that keeps out dust and other contaminants.

Cleanrooms still offer the fast completion time and cost-effectiveness of other modular systems, but they can do much more than keep out dust! Depending on your facility’s needs, these secured storage options can also fulfill vital functions such as humidity and temperature control, airflow recirculation, and air pressure control.

Keeping out contaminants and providing a stable environment is essential for a successful outcome in a wide range of industries, particularly food processing, medical/pharmaceutical, and biotechnology. Cleanrooms can even protect valuable electronic equipment, helping your company save thousands of dollars on maintenance and replacement costs.

By offering a clean, safe environment, these modular solutions from Steinco Industrial Solutions are sure to help your company achieve quality results, operate more safely and effectively, and improve profitability.