What Materials are Needed for a Built Up, Membrane, Foam, & Coated Roof?

When it comes to installing your own built up, membrane, foam, or coated roof the required materials vary from other roofing options. Luckily, Steinco Industrial Solutions manufactures all of the materials you will need for your next roof. 

Steinco manufactures Roofwalks® materials for these types of roofs.

Under the Roofwalks® brand, we have anti-skid grating, support stands, rubber pads, and bolt assemblies to help install your next roof. 

Our anti-skid roofing grating is available in 18-inch galvanized steel, interlocking planks. Planks range from 20-24 feet long and 6, 9, or 12-inch widths. This anti-skid surface allows for safe, easy access around your roof. 

Support stands to elevate walkway planks to reduce the impact that foot traffic has on your roof. They also help keep your workers above debris and puddles that may form. Support stands are made of 14-gauge galvanized steel and are 4” high. They are available to fit a variety of walkways. 

Our pre-cut rubber pads also help absorb the impact between your roof and the support stands.

With these half-inch pads, there is no roof penetration required since they do not need to be anchored to the roof. 

Finally, bolt assemblies are required for support stands. We have 4 1/2” bolts with recessed washers, rib clips, and lock washers available to complete your roof. 

For more information on available materials for building up, membrane, foam, or coated roofs, contact us today!