What is a Starrspace 3000 Portable Partition Wall System?

Starrco Office Systems play a vital role in many industrial work spaces, creating a durable and flexible office area to meet your company’s needs. In particular, the Starrspace 3000 Portable Partition Wall System serves as an excellent solution for constructing a modular office space.


Available in several different colors and finishes, the Starrspace 3000 Portable Partition Wall System is delivered to your facility by Steinco Industrial Solutions pre-finished and ready for your team to assemble in whatever way you see fit. Walls can be assembled, disassembled or reorganized without the need for field cutting or the use of specialized machinery, allowing you to adapt the layout of your office system as needed.


Of course, the high-quality build of these industrial products is what sets Starrco Office Systems apart from the rest. While multiple materials are available to craft Starrspace 3000 Wall Panels, each type of panel is three inches thick to provide superior insulation for your office space. The framework also lends itself to quick and easy assembly for a wide variety of office uses. For example, wire studs in the framework make it easy to run electrical and communication lines through the panels for your office needs.


The optional finishes available for the Starrspace 3000 Portable Partition Wall System make it easy to achieve the exact appearance you desire for your office space, whether that finish be painted aluminum, fiberglass reinforced plastic, or PVC. For an easy-to-assemble modular office that looks and performs great, you can’t go wrong with the Starrspace 3000 Portable Partition Wall System.