Which Post Lift Table Will Work Best for You?

Deciding which post lift table is best for your specific application may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, Presto Lifts has four different models for you to choose from, all geared for multiple purposes. 

Hydraulic Cantilever

The Presto hydraulic cantilever lift table is an easy-to-use, ergonomic portable lift designed for anywhere in your facility. 

The hydraulic cantilever features a foot pump to raise the lift up to five feet off the ground. Its drive handle is ideally placed at a comfortable height for workers to maneuver this lift throughout the work environment with ease. It has dual floor locks to secure the lift once in place and a tip toe release for lowering. 

Mechanical Lift Table

The mechanical lift table is suitable for die handling. The mechanical table has a hand crank for precise lifting and lowering of any load up to 42 inches. This table also has a foot operated floor lock for worker safety. 

Hydraulic/Electromechanic Table

Presto Lifts also has a hydraulic/electromechanical lift table for precise transportation and positioning. With this option, the operator can choose from either a manual foot pump or electric lift for a smooth, precise move. Manual units use a foot operated hydraulic pump with a tip toe release while the battery powered units utilize an electromechanical screw drive powered by a 12-amp battery. 

Fully Powered Stackers

The Presto PowerStak full powered lift is the ultimate “walkie” lift design. Ergonomic hand controls can lift and drive this lift table at the touch of a button. It includes narrow masts and offset handles for optimal visibility. 
Contact Steinco Industrial Solutions to learn more about Presto post lift tables and which model may suit your application.