WireCrafters: Server Cages and Network Security Cages

If your facility houses sensitive server or network equipment, then it’s time to consider server and security cages from WireCrafters. 

With cages designed to separate and secure digital hardware areas, WireCrafters offers several options to help you protect your information and network equipment. 

The Style 840 WireCrafters storage options provide an open, yet a secure design that allows for free circulation of light, HVAC, and fire suppression through secured storage areas. Cages from WireCraft-ers also allow you a cost-effective method to separate and organize your network hardware. 

Our server and network security cages are available in a variety of sizes with 20 different standard options.

Panels can be stacked to reach your wall height and WireCrafters panels work in ceilings or walls. Plus, cage panels can be constructed with mesh, expanded metal, sheet metal, or clear Lexan. 

Cages also include sliding doors with a tamper resistant lock mechanism as well as hinged or sliding gates for secure storage and access. WireCrafters server or network cages allow for clear access to hardware and allow for fast installation.

Our mounting hardware is the heaviest in the industry and the assembly hardware is inaccessible from the secured side. 

Customized panels and heavy-duty options can also be designed if required. 

If you require strong, durable, security to protect your servers and network equipment look no further than a WireCrafters Storage Cage from Steinco Industrial Solutions.