Pallet Rack Backing

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At Steinco Industrial Solutions, we make it our responsibility to think of every aspect of your industry. In commercial warehouses, it's uncommon to see floor-to-ceiling rows of pallet racks, often holding heavy and expensive materials. 

You have a responsibility to protect your margins as well as the people who work for you — that's where durable pallet rack backing solutions come into play. You need a durable solution that will effectively eliminate the risk of injury or damage in a storage facility, superstore, or warehouse. 

WireCrafters RackBack® pallet rack backing panels provide durable, reliable protection from those risks. 

These aren't your average pallet rack backers — they're sturdy, wire mesh panels mounted to the pallet rack at multiple points, and backed with flat steel stiffeners. These wire mesh panels can be secured higher than the height of the top rack, even preventing objects on the top shelf from falling. This creates a solid barrier that prevents objects from falling from the racks, protecting people below from potential harm. 

At Steinco Industrial Solutions, we can customize a set up of pallet rack backing and other secure industrial systems to fit your needs. 

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