Modular Office Systems

outside a prefabricated office
outside a prefabricated office
inside a prefabricated office

For a variety of reasons, companies sometimes find themselves needing extra office space—fast. It could be that a new contract has enabled the executive staff to hire a substantial number of workers, or maybe an emergency situation of some kind forces them to relocate personnel to another area for a while. Modular office systems from Starrco can provide the perfect solution.

Starrco provides world-class modular office systems for companies that need pre-fabricated structures for temporary office needs as well as those seeking permanent in-plant offices and office buildings. Varying business demands call for flexible space solutions—turn to Starrco for cost-effective and easily deployed modular systems.

  • Mobile offices
  • Portable shelters
  • Ticket booths
  • Guard shacks
  • Clean rooms

A range of modular construction projects are available, from those intended for single-unit offices to two-story systems for multiple offices. It’s easy to put together a portable office building that will provide a comfortable working space for your personnel, whether in the long term or just temporarily.

No job is too large or too small. As an industry leader, Starrco prides itself on surpassing construction and engineering standards for modular office systems. Starrco’s office systems come with a wide-ranging array of stud systems, wall panels, and office accessories.