Mounted Support, Polycarbonate Base

Determining Maximum Pipe Size

Maximum pipe size supported by any of the strut supports is determined by the load and the clear space required between the pipes. The spacing between pipes should be as follows:
1" between piping 3" and smaller.
1-1/2" between a pipe 3" and smaller and a pipe 4" or larger.
2" between piping 4" and larger.
At least 1" between pipe clamp and end of strut
For example, a support for two 3" pipes would require:
1" + 3" + 1-1/2" + 3" + 1" = 9-1/2" wide channel support


Part Number


Max. Uniform Load


2.5-CS-2 Polycarbonate 100 lbs. 2.3 lbs.