Wire Partitions by WireCrafters: An Excellent Metal Framing Solution to Organize Space

The industrial work environment can become disorganized, leading to decreased safety and efficiency. They could even become hazardous if pieces of equipment are not adequately separated from humans or other machinery. Well, there is one metal framing solution to combat these problems—wire partitions by WireCrafters!

WireCrafters is highly regarded for its innovative designs and top-quality products, making them the go-to source for many commercial and industrial framing solutions.

WireCrafters Wire Partition Features

The metal framing that makes up WireCrafters wire partitions has several distinct features that make it suitable for heavy-duty applications. All of their parts are carefully designed to be both durable and versatile, allowing for a variety of configurations. To give you a complete picture of what these systems are, here’s a list of their features:

  • Panels of different heights, lengths, and widths to suit any setting
  • Hinged sliding or vertical rise gates
  • Tamper-resistant latch mechanism for sliding doors
  • Angle frame design for quick installation
  • Heavy-duty mounting hardware

Aside from these features, the panels can be ordered with mesh, metal, or clear Lexan. Basically, these wire partitions can be customized to fit any area size and application.

WireCrafters Wire Partition Applications

WireCrafters' metal framing solutions can be used in any environment where physical barriers, containment, or separation are needed. They’re ideal for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, storage rooms, hospitals, and retail spaces.

  1. Sections in existing rooms

Wire partitions can be used to create separate sections in pre-existing rooms. Each section will have its own space, and all of the equipment in that area will be kept safe and secure. Large partitions can even be used to create a temporary wall between two areas, allowing for the use of more space in an area.

  1. Storage enclosures

These metal framing systems are also useful for containing and protecting expensive inventory or tools in a storage area. The equipment within each enclosure can be easily kept track of and monitored at all times.

  1. Cages for machinery

Sometimes, machines need to be separated from operators or other equipment for safety reasons. Cages with gates can be constructed to keep these components apart while still allowing access to the machine when necessary. This way, accidents involving humans and machinery can be avoided.

  1. Holding cells

Wire partitions are used to create cells and detention areas. These metal frames provide a secure environment that is both sturdy and tough, making them suitable for this type of application. This is why you would usually see these structures in law enforcement buildings, correctional facilities, and other public safety settings.

Benefits of Using Wire Partitions from WireCrafters

WireCrafters wire partitions provide certain benefits that you will not get from traditional partition systems.

  • Durability. These framing solutions are manufactured with durability in mind to withstand regular wear and tear. They could last forever, making them ideal investments for businesses.
  • Customizability. As previously implied, the wire partitions from WireCrafters are highly customizable. They can be bolted together piece-by-piece and section-by-section to achieve the exact size specification you desire.
  • Ease of Installation. Installing these wire partitions can be relatively easy, depending on the type of hardware you choose. The angle frame design makes it easier to assemble or reassemble the partitions without requiring too much time and effort.
  • Affordability. WireCrafters' metal framing systems are priced competitively to match different budgets and requirements. It’s also possible to buy individual parts or components for easy customization and maintenance of the system.

Get Wire Partitions by WireCrafters Now!

The wire partitions by WireCrafters are the perfect solution to make better use of space in an industrial or commercial facility. Now, if you see the need to install such structures, contact us here at Steinco Industrial Solutions!

As a leading supplier of WireCrafters metal framing systems, we can provide you with a wide selection of options that meet your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you!