Lift Tables: What They Are and How They’re Used

If you're in the industrial sector, you know that having suitable industrial structures can make a massive difference to your projects. Aside from safety, the right equipment can also help you maximize productivity by allowing your workers to get their jobs done faster.

Now, suppose your daily processes involve a lot of lifting and lowering of things. In that case, you could benefit from investing in a lift table, which is essentially a device that allows you to raise or lower objects or people depending on your needs. Here, we learn all about the uses of these lift tables and why they're a wise investment:

The types and uses of lift tables

You can see lift tables mostly in processing plants and industrial areas. Still, they can also be used in hospitals, auto shops, and other businesses requiring moving, transferring, lifting, and positioning loads. Lift tables are often designed to fit a specific use, so we'll explore some of the most common types that you can find and what they're used for:

  • Electric lift table. This is the most commonly used type of lift table since a battery or electrical cord can power it. And since it comes with a more potent motor, you can also expect that an electric lift table is more powerful in lifting and lowering objects, which is why it's used mainly for industrial and automotive projects.
  • Manual lift table. You'll find a manual lift table used predominantly for lighter loads in smaller workshops or industrial areas where workers need to lift more lightweight objects or move smaller things from one place to the other without doing the lifting themselves. Since this is manually powered, a worker must use a hand or foot pedal to initiate the lift or lowering mechanism.
  • Hydraulic lift table. Used in various industries, a hydraulic lift table is powered by hydraulic fluid being forced in and out of a cylinder to make the scissor legs of the table move for lifting and lowering objects. You'll see this as part of the industrial structures used for construction, manufacturing, and even medical fields.

The benefits of a lift table

Investing in a lift table means that you can enjoy these fantastic benefits:

  • Adjustable height. Ergonomics is such an essential factor in keeping your workers safe and healthy. When you have a lift table, workers don't need to constantly bend or be in an awkward position to get their job done right since they can adjust the height according to their preferences.
  • Stability. Unlike a regular worktable, these lift tables are incredibly stable, so they can be used for working or lifting and lowering objects safely and without any risks of dropping products or equipment.
  • Versatility. A lift table isn't just used for lifting. If you're creative enough, you can use this for different things, as it is equipped with other fixtures to suit your needs better. You can even have a lift table designed and configured specifically to your requirements and have it changed later to meet your latest needs.

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