3 Reasons Why an Automatic Pallet Positioner is a Great Investment

Building pallet loads (or breaking them down) is relatively common in an industrial work environment. However, these tasks can sometimes be more difficult for your employees to accomplish than you’d like. Here are three reasons why an automatic pallet positioner from Presto Lifts can help you with these processes and be a great investment for your company:


Faster: Automatic Pallet Positioners adjust their height automatically as new items are removed or added to the pallet. This keeps the platform at a consistent height, which speeds up the work for the individual adding or removing items. 360-degree rotation also helps workers save time that would be wasted walking around the pallet to check on the positioning of the items on the platform.


Safer: By lowering and raising automatically, these Presto Lifts Pallet Positioners protect workers by eliminating the need to awkwardly stretch or bend to add new items to the pallet. This prevents back strain and other common industrial injuries that could put your workers out of commission for days or even weeks.


Easier: It goes without saying that speeding up the process of breaking down or building up pallet loads (as well as making it safer for your employees) makes these common industrial tasks significantly easier to accomplish. By using an Automatic Pallet Positioner from Presto Lifts, you can improve working conditions for your employees and increase your productivity to achieve even better results.


Let Steinco Industrial Solutions help your business gain a smart investment with Presto’s Automatic Pallet Positioners.