Are You The One They Call Magneto?

Metal can easily be considered the backbone of our modern society. Throughout the advancement of civilization, the discovery, development and application of metals have been the crucial step mankind took into shaping the world.

Without metal, we can kiss almost all of our favorite things in this world goodbye. It’s no wonder why someone thought of making a character that controls metal, because he who controls metal controls the world.

These inventions made of metal are some of the things that changed the world.


This tiny thing would lead humans a step closer to a sophisticated life. Nails also provide one of the best clues in determining the age of ancient architectures.


It was created for both navigational and spiritual purposes most likely by the Chinese at around 1050 BC. Beyond that, it helped make discoveries about magnetism and the earth's poles.


It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if everyone were still on horses. Not only did this invention help as regards transportation, but through Henry Ford’s innovative mind, this invention helped revolutionize production and dramatically change the economy.


The camera is undoubtedly one of the most cherished creations. Cameras have witnessed many phases of evolution and will continue to do so until the next new invention.

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