The Benefits of Having a Woven & Welded Wire Guarding System

You go to great lengths to protect both your employees and equipment. After all, at the end of the day, ensuring physical safety while on the job is one of the most important elements of maintaining a quality production facility. With the help of wire partitions & cages from WireCrafters, you’ll have an easier time than ever keeping employees and equipment safe.

Naturally, durability and security are the top benefits to consider when choosing any type of guarding system—and a woven & welded system from WireCrafters doesn’t disappoint. These wire partitions & cages are fully framed and equipped with 3/8” mounting hardware—easily surpassing industry standards to achieve incredible levels of stability and strength. 

Even if a piece of equipment within the enclosure were to malfunction, employees and equipment outside the enclosure would be protected. Also of note is that the assembly hardware is fully secured—so while these installations are modular, they can’t be disassembled by anyone who lacks access to the secured area.

Perhaps the greatest advantage provided by WireCrafters Guarding Systems is their potential for customization. Panels are available at special heights, with additional features such as alternate panel wiring options and several available gate varieties. Both welded mesh and woven panels are available. These custom options ensure that the installation of this key safety feature won’t hamper your team’s productivity—it will only make things better