The Benefits of a Lista Mobile Cabinet

When it comes to secured storage options, Lista cabinets by Steinco Industrial Solutions are head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to quality industrial products. But what if you are in need of a mobile storage option to safely transport tools and parts throughout your shop? Lista has the answer with our Mobile Cabinets, which are designed to keep all of your valuable tools safe and secure in a number of ways.

These metal storage cabinets come in a variety of colors, are durable enough for the toughest environments, and is the safest mobile cabinet around. Lista Mobile Cabinets are designed with two fixed and two swivel casters with a customizable number of drawer and cabinets to fit your needs. Each drawer has a 150 lbs. capacity so you can carry any size tools, parts, and other hardware.

And each mobile cabinet comes with a set of two keys to lock drawers and cabinets, plus the PrevenTip locking system which prevents drawers from opening up if accidentally tipped. Cabinets also come equipped with a retainer top with mat.

Lista Mobile Cabinets are suitable for a variety of industries. So, if you or your employees find themselves transporting tools and parts throughout your facility or campus, the Lista Mobile Cabinet is the solution for you.