The Benefits of a Mobile Aisle System

Finding adequate storage space can be a real challenge, especially in industrial settings where much of your floor space is taken up by other equipment. How can you create a secure location to store your industrial products while still leaving adequate room for other work to get done? The answer lies in a Mobile Aisle System and Steinco Industrial is here to help!

There are several unique benefits to using a Mobile Aisle System in your workspace. For one thing, the heavy duty steel shelves used by this storage system ensure that your documents, spare parts, and other essential supplies are adequately protected from the hazards of an industrial environment. And with the capability to carry up to 1000 pounds of materials per linear foot, you can store quite a bit on these shelves.

But even more useful is the mobility provided by these heavy duty steel shelves. By resting on a rail drive system, the number of access aisles can be kept to a minimum, allowing a Mobile Aisle System to take up significantly less space than other storage options. When you need access to a particular shelf, use the easy-to-use mechanical assist control to open up an aisle. Once you’ve picked up what you needed, you can close the aisle once more.

Quite simply, the adaptability offered by a Mobile Aisle System allows you to make better use of your facility, leaving more available space for you and your employees to take care of other important tasks.