Benefits of Modular Clean Rooms

Many industries deal with sensitive products which require a clean room for the elimination of contaminants. If you are one of these industries, a Starrco modular clean room can provide the qualities you need. 

What is a Clean Room? 

Clean rooms seek to reduce and eliminate contaminants in environmentally-sensitive processes. Microbes, dust particles, vapor, and other materials could be considered contaminants, depending on the process. 

Countless industries utilize clean rooms such as the medical, food processing, and the semiconductor fields. 

The Starrco Advantage

Starrco modular clean rooms are top performers for their versatility, cost effectiveness, and customization. 

A modular clean room from Starrco are pre-engineered buildings that are tailored to the unique specifications and requirements of each customer. These clean rooms can be manufactured to accommodate a sound or equipment enclosure, as well as for pharmaceutical applications. 

The floors, walls, and mechanical components of every clean room work together to maintain a contaminant-free environment. The air flow, pressure, humidity, temperature, and filtration can be controlled to precise measurements. 

Plus, each material in Starrco clean rooms is pre-cut and completely finished in order to enable a quick and easy installation process. 

For more information on how a Starrco Clean Room can assist your facility and operations, contact Steinco Industrial Solutions today.