Benefits of a Modular Office System

So, you’re feeling the need to expand your facilities and you’re weighing the options. Don’t discredit a modular office systems unit. Sometimes, it makes far more sense to utilize modular systems as opposed to renting space or building on.

A modular building is a pre-engineered structure that incorporates enough flexibility to satisfy all your needs. You see them in use at schools where enrollment fluctuates. They’re a good choice for a ticket booth, break room, or a portable shelter - and that’s just a sampling of their functionality.

Here at Steinco Industrial Solutions, we think Starrco Office System’s portable enclosures are a terrific option. Each unit is precision cut, manufactured and meticulously labeled before it heads your way. They come complete with detailed CAD drawings and instructions for painless installation. They give you the flexibility to create the space you need including tall walls and wide expanses for large equipment, glass doors, two story structures and environmental management of sound, temperature and dust.

When you utilize a Modular Office System, by Starrco, you save on architect fees and have minimal disruption at your place of operation. Our support staff will walk you painlessly through the process. The units are high quality, relatively maintenance free and entirely flexible. They are made of fireproof and soundproof panels. You can save up to 35% on initial construction costs like labor and materials.

They can be custom fitted to meet a variety of needs, and include options life air conditioning, heating, external lighting, thermal insulation, counter tops and shelving, and standard and thru-wall cash and transaction doors.

Best of all, for future use, they’re expandable, re-locatable and completely re-useable. Don’t discount a modular option. It may well be your best one.