Benefits of Our Portable Office Buildings

While many individuals already understand how Starrco Office Systems can serve as a low-cost, quick-installation office solution, these are far from the only benefits our portable office buildings have to offer. Here’s a quick look at some of the other key advantages of Starrco Office Systems:

Prewired Electrical System: These days, no portable office building should be without electricity. This isn’t a worry with Starrco Office Systems. Each building comes with a prewired package which includes fluorescent lighting, a 110v duplex receptacle, a 220v single receptacle, and a circuit breaker box. All elements of this system are in compliance with the National Electrical Code, giving your team members peace of mind as they settle into their office space.

Durability: Starrco Office Systems are constructed with the industrial workplace in mind. Wall and ceiling panels, as well as the floor, utilize an impact resistant core that adds safety and durability. Anodized aluminum and commercial-grade steel are used throughout construction to ensure a sturdy design.

Customization: Perhaps the greatest asset of Starrco Office Systems is their ability to be customized based on your unique needs. Countertops and shelving, thru-wall cash drawers, and exterior lighting are just a few of the unique custom features that can be added to help you make the most of your portable office building.