Benefits of a Work Positioner Lift by Presto

Presto Lifts are a popular piece of equipment in many industrial settings, helping workers safely raise and lower heavy loads. While different models of Presto Lift Tables are better suited for different work environments, there’s no denying that Presto Work Positioners are among the most versatile and adaptable models on the market today.

Here’s a closer look at why Work Positioners are such a great option:

Mobility: Without a doubt, the biggest differentiator of a Presto Work Positioner is its mobility. Durable nylon front load and rear wheels allow this piece of equipment to travel through your warehouse with ease, even when carrying a heavy load. The addition of a steering wheel gives the operator total control for improved safety.

Strength: These Portable Presto Lifts don’t slack on strength and durability! With a load capacity of 2,000 to 3,000 pounds, the durable steel forks provide a balanced, steady lift for pallets and other heavy loads.

Speed: Speeding up your work is one of the best ways to improve productivity and profitability. With a lift speed of two to four inches per second, Work Positioner Lifts ensure that you’ll be able to vertically position loads in a much shorter amount of time. When combined with the mobility offered by these versatile Presto Lifts, your team will be able to transport, stack, and position loads faster and more effectively than ever.